30 Oraciones con Few en Inglés

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La palabra few significa pocos

Estas son oraciones con la palabra few que te ayudarán a entender cómo usar esta palabra en Inglés

  1. I need to get a few things in town.
  2. I have a few books that I want to read.
  3. There are a few slices of cake left over from the party.
  4. I have only a few minutes.
  5. We have a few questions for you.
  6. I have a few ideas that I want to implement
  7. She has few friends
  8. We’ve been having a few problems with the new computer.
  9. I can wait a few hours.
  10. If you can’t fit all the bags in your car, I can take a few in mine.

Ahora veamos todo lo que debes saber sobre la palabra few y algunas de sus variantes.

Oraciones con Quite a Few

Estas son oraciones con quite a few. Quite a few es una combinación de palabras que significa un largo número.

  1. I know quite a few people who have had the same problem.
  2. There are quite a few players in the game.
  3. I went to quite a few concerts last summer but I don’t have the money this year.
  4. There were quite a few people around, for a Monday evening.
  5.  I love this dress. I get quite a few compliments whenever I wear it.
  6. Lots of people at the club are under 20, but there are quite a few who aren’t.
  7. There were quite a few interesting things to do
  8. The building needs quite a few repairs.
  9. There were quite a few people there.
  10. I like them, so I bought quite a few.
  11. I sold quite a few paintings.

Oraciones con Fewer

Fewer es una palabra para decir menos en Inglés con sustantivos contables. Estas son oraciones con Fewer.

  • There are fewer candles on my son’s birthday cake than on mine.
  • I buy fewer paperbacks now that I own an e-reader.
  • I sent fewer tweets today, because my phone ran out of battery.

Few vs Little

Una de las preguntas comunes tiene que ver con el uso de la palabra few y el uso de la palabra little.

La palabra few la usamos para referirnos a sustantivos contables mientras que la palabra little la usamos para referirnos a cosas no contables.

FewI have a few candles in the drawer
LittleI have little money left
FewI know a few friends who can help you
LittleI have little time to waste

Preguntas y Respuestas con A few

Estas son algunas preguntas y respuestas con a few

  • Can you wait a few hours?
  • I don’t think so, I am in a hurry
  • Can you wait a few minutes?
  • Sure, I don’t have anything else to do today
  • Can I ask you a few questions?
  • My lawyer told me not to talk to the press
  • Can you give me a few cigarettes?
  • Sure, how many do you want?

Pronunciación a Few

La pronunciación de few /fjuː/ tiene un sonido que esta presente palabras como music y amusement y museum

Esta es la pronunciación de la palabra “few”

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