Great Teaching Ideas: How to Teach about Mass Media Communication




News , Music , Cartoons , Sports , Sitcoms , Movies , Documentaries , History

Read the sentences and fill in the blanks with the corresponding definition  taken from the vocabulary box.

  1. You can watch stories about what happened in the past:_________________________________
  2. It is nice  to watch  people practicing soccer , basketball  and volleyball:____________________________
  3. It is  funny   to watch  how  Tom and Jerry make jokes:___________________________________
  4. One of the funniest programs is “The Bing Bang Theory”. I love it:___________________________
  5. I love watching ,”The lucky one” . It is an amazing film:________________________________________
  6. Sometimes it is important to  know what’s happening around the world:________________________________
  7. It is sad to see the story of  people who try to immigrate to the USA:_________________________________
  8. I love dancing and singing so MTV is one of my favorite channels:_____________________________________

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