How to Make Requests in English

When we make requests in English, we ask someone for something, or we ask someone to do something. 

Examples of requests in English:

  • Can I give you a hand?
  • Could you do me a favor?
  • Would you mind driving me home?
  • Will you take me home?

Grammar Structures to Make Requests in English

To make requests in English you need to know more about some grammar structures.

  1. Expressions with could
  2. Expressions with can
  3. Expressions with will
  4. Direct requests with the verbs “need” and “want”
  5. Expression with would
  6. Expressions with would you mind
  7. Expressions with do you mind

Expressions with Could

These are some expressions with could to make requests in English

  1. Could you give me a hand?
  2. Could you help me with this problem?
  3. Could I Borrow your phone for a minute?
  4. Could you carry this for me please?
  5. Could you call a taxi for me please?
  6. Could they wait for me here?
  7. Could you drive me home?
  8. Could you please take me to the dentist?
  9. Could you check the computer?
  10. Could you make some copies for me please?

Expressions with Can

These are some expressions with can to make requests in English

  1. Mom, can you wake me up at seven o’clock?
  2. Can I have the menu?
  3. Can you pass me the newspaper?
  4. Can you buy the ticket for me?
  5. Can I borrow some money for the tickets?
  6. Can you help me with these reports?
  7. Can we have the day off tomorrow?
  8. Can you stop by my house?

Expressions with Will

These are some expressions with will to make requests in English

  1. Will you carry this for me?
  2. Will you drive me to the airport?
  3. Will you take my daughter home?
  4. Will you buy me a couple of drinks if I give you the money?
  5. Will you send me that important document?
  6. Will you send me an email with the files we prepared?

Very Direct Requests

These are some expressions with need and want to make requests in English

  1. I need some help
  2. I need you to go to my office
  3. She needs you to run a few errands
  4. We need to email the contract to Peter immediately.
  5. want to go to the hospital
  6. She wants you to work overtime
  7. want to go running

Expressions with Would

These are some expressions with would to make requests in English

  1. Would you like to go to the club?
  2. Would you like to help me please?
  3. Would you like to buy some groceries for me?
  4. Would you be kind enough to repair my computer?
  5. Would you be willing to help us fix our car tomorrow morning?

Expressions with Would you Mind

These are some expressions with wold you mind to make requests in English

  1. Would you mind closing the door?
  2. Would you mind paying for my lunch?
  3. Would you mind driving me home?
  4. Would you mind helping me with my math homework?
  5. Would you mind carrying this suitcase?
  6. Would you mind turning off the TV?
  7. Would you mind turning off the radio?
  8. Would you mind collecting my suit from the dry cleaner’s, please?

Expressions with Do you Mind

These are some common expressions with do you mind

Do you mind if I close the window?
Do you mind if I use your phone for a quick call?
Do you mind if we stop by the supermarket? I need to buy some groceries
Do you mind if we get back home now?
Do yoi mind if we stop by my mother’s house?

Make a Request Exchanges

These are some exchanges that can be made

  1. I need to buy a product on amazon
  2. Sure, Can I have your credit card number?
  1. Would you mind helping me with the suitcases?
  2. Yes, of course
  1. My computer is not working, Could you help me?
  2. Sure
  1. I need a laptop, could you help me ?
  2. Yes, come over here 
  1. Could you lend me a few dollars?
  2. sure, no problem
  1. Can I Take the day off?
  2. Sure, just talk to Kathy from Human Resources
  1. Can you have a look at the computer?
  2. Probably later, I am busy
  1. Can you make an appointment for me?
  2. Sure, what’s the best time for you

Making a Request Conversation

ThIs is a basic example of a conversation in which requests are made

Conversation A

John:  Hi, Do you need any help?

Luis: Thanks for asking, can you help me with this homework?

John: Sure, no problem but I don’t know much about math

Luis: Would you mind asking Dereck if he could help us?

John:  Yeah, sure, can you send me his phone number?

Luis: Alright, check your whatsapp

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