How to Talk about Likes and Dislikes at Work

Sometimes we talk with other about how much we love or hate our jobs. I think that everyone has something to say if asked do you like your job.

There are instances when you don’t your job but you hate parts of it.

For example:

  • I don’t like working with other people
  • I hate making phone calls
  • I like having a part time job

You might also feel like adding more to that. For example:

  • I like wearing a uniform, I don’t like to think about what to wear at work
  • I like having a part-time job, I need time for myself
  • I hate working in the supermarket, It is the same routine of every day

What I like and hate about my Job

These are some of the most common verbs to talk about likes and dislikes at work.

  1. Work alone
  2. work with people
  3. work with children
  4. work part-time
  5. work full-time
  6. wear a uniform
  7. work inside
  8. work outside
  9. work outdoors
  10. work in an office
  11. have the same routine
  12. work under pressure
  13. have a lot of responsibilities
  14. work long hours
  15. work on the weekends
  16. work overtime
  17. work in an office
  18. work for successful companies
  19. work on my computer
  20. Travel with work
  21. help people
  22. deal with difficult customers

Statements about Likes and Dislikes at Work

These are some statements about likes and dislikes at work:

Affirmative SentencesNegative Sentences
I like helping peopleI don’t like working at nights
I am good at sellingI am not good at selling
I love travelingI don’t love traveling
She likes working with computersShe doesn’t like working in an office
She loves working with computersShe doesn’t love working with teenagers
He likes working overtimeHe doesn’t like working outdoors
He hates working with computersHe doesn’t hate speaking in public
They like working indoorsThey don’t like working under pressure
They enjoy working part-timeThey don’t enjoy helping people
We like working in an officeWe don’t like making calls
You like working outdoorsYou don’t like having summer vacations
I like working long hoursI don’t like working on the weekends

Working Conditions with Would

These are some examples of sentences about the working conditions that you would like to have in a future job:

  • I would like to work with children because they are adorable and I consider myself a good teacher.
  • I wouldn’t like working in an office every day because I love traveling
  • I wouldn’t like to work in the customer service department because I can’t stand difficult customers.

Questions: Likes and Dislikes at Work

These are some common questions about likes and dislikes at work

Set #1

All these questions have been created with the simple present tense:

  1. Do you like  using computers?
  2. How do you feel about working in teams?
  3. Do you hate making phone calls?
  4. Do you love working with figures?
  5. What do you think about dealing with the public?
  6. Do you love meeting people?
  7. Why don’t you like working under pressure?
  8. Do you dislike dealing with the public?
  9. Do you like travelling?
  10. Why don’t you like attending meetings?

Set #2

All these questions have been created with the simple present tense:

  1. Do you really like selling things?
  2. Do you like helping people?
  3. Do you prefer working indoors or outdoors?
  4. Do you prefer the day shift or the night shift?
  5. Do you like working alone?
  6. Do you like dealing with difficult customers?
  7. Do you enjoy making calls?

You can answer set #1 and #2 with Yes, I do and No,I don’t but you have to realize that you are expected to say something else

Set #3

These questions have been made using the modal can

  1. Can you use a computer?
  2. Can you manage other people?
  3. Are you good at public speaking?
  4. Can you teach others how to do things?
  5. Can you solve problems?
  6. Do you manage money well?
  7. Do you work well with people?
  8. Can you speak other languages?

You can answer these questions easily by saying:

  • Yes, I can
  • No, I don’t

However when asked those questions, you are expected to provide more information besides a short yes or no answer.

Set #4

How do you feel about:

  1. Asking for help?
  2. Using a computer?
  3. Leading a team?
  4. Traveling?
  5. Creating spreadsheets?
  6. Talking on the phone?
  7. Working with people?
  8. Meeting deadlines
  9. Working on the weekend?
  10. Managing money?
  11. Telling people what to do?
  12. Working with numbers?
  13. Public speaking?

Questions and Answers

These are some questions and answers about your likes and dislikes at work

  • Do you like working on the weekends?
  • I don’t really mind working on the weekends
  • How do you feel about public speaking?
  • I don’t like speaking in front of people I don’t know
  • How do you feel about using a computer?
  • I love using computers
  • Can you speak other languages?
  • besides Spanish, I can speak English really well
  • Can you solve problems?
  • I like solving problems but I don’t like conflict
  • Do you really like selling things?
  • I like selling things online

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