Diálogo entre Enfermera y Paciente en Inglés

Una de las mejores maneras de practicar Inglés y prepararse para posibles conversaciones en Inglés es por medio de diálogos en Inglés.

El siguiente es un diálogo que tiene relación con vocabulario de medicina en Inglés.

Son diferentes diálogos

  • Diálogo entre un doctor y un paciente en Inglés
  • Diálogo entre una enfermera y un paciente en Inglés

Frases y Preguntas cuando vas al Doctor

It’s important for healthcare professionals to use clear, compassionate, and reassuring language when communicating with patients. Here are some phrases that doctors and nurses can use with patients in English:

Greetings and introductions:

  • “Hello, I’m [name], your doctor/nurse.”
  • “How are you feeling today?”

Explanations and clarifications:

  • “Let me explain your diagnosis in a simple way.”
  • “Do you have any questions about the treatment we’re providing?”

Empathy and support:

  • “I understand that this can be worrisome. We’re here to help you.”
  • “Is there anything specific that’s concerning you that we can address together?”

Instructions and follow-up:

  • “Let’s make sure you fully understand the instructions. Is there anything you’d like us to go over?”
  • “It’s crucial to keep your appointments and take the medications as prescribed. Is there any barrier that might make this difficult for you?”

Encouraging questions:

  • “Feel free to ask questions at any time. I’m here to help you.”
  • “Is there anything else you would like to know or discuss before we conclude our visit?”

Diálogo entre un Doctor y Paciente en Inglés

Este es un diálogo entre un paciente con una infección en el oído y su doctor

Patient: Good morning Doctor
Doctor: Good morning Sash. How can I help you?
Patient: Well, I’ve been feeling sick and I have a terrible headache.
Doctor: Do you have any fever?
Patient: I think so
Doctor: You should stay at home and take aspirin and water
Patient: I’d love to but I have to work
Doctor: I’m going to indicate that you have to stay home during three days
Patient: Perfect.
Doctor: You have a high fever, you can not work feeling like that
Doctor: Are you allergic to any medications?
Patient: No, I’m not.
Doctor: I am going to prescribe antibiotics since you have an ear infection
Patient: Thanks doctor
Doctor: You will feel a relief in 3 days or less.
Patient:  Thank you doctor. Have a good day. 

Diálogo entre Enfermera y Paciente en Inglés

Esta es una conversación entre un paciente y una enfermera en una clínica local

Patient: Good morning
Nurse: Good morning Sash. How can I help you?
Patient: Well, I’m coming for a medical check up
Nurse: Do you have any symptoms?
Patient: I really can’t sleep at nights
Nurse: Have you suffered from insomnia before?
Patient: Three years ago I experienced this for a month or two
Nurse: Have you been under stress lately?
Patient: Yes, I am writing a research for university
Nurse: You should try some sleeping pills
Nurse: Are you allergic to any medications?
Patient: No, I am not
Nurse: I am going to talk to the doctor and I’ll be right back
Patient: Thank you very much
Nurse: The doctor will meet with you in 30 minutes, you can sit there and wait for him.
Patient: Thank

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