3 Vocabulary Profilers to Analyze Texts Effectively

Vocabulary Profilers are tools that check if a piece of text contains words from a vocabulary list. 

Teachers use vocabulary profilers to:

  • Check the vocabulary level of a reading text they use for a class or for an assessment.
  • Identify the level of a reading text or
  • Know which words in a text should receive more focus.

Students can also use it to see which words might be most useful for them to learn.

Analyzing texts using Vocabulary Profilers

There are a few vocabulary profilers that can help you analyze text effectively.

Some of them are based on The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)  which is an international standard for describing language ability. 

It describes language ability on a six-point scale, from A1 for beginners, up to C2 for those who have mastered a language.

Other vocabulary profilers are based on the most common words used in the English language, those list are known as:

  1. The New General Service List 
  2. The New Academic Word List

The New General Service List and The New Academic Words lists refer to the most common used words in English and the most common academic words in an academic context.

The 3 Best Vocabulary Profilers to Analyze Texts

The following is a list of the best vocabulary profilers that will help analyze texts effectively

#1 LEXTutor

This vocabulary profiler might not give you the best user interface but it gets the job done.

You just have to choose a topic and a website where I could possibly find the information and  an article for the analysis. 

Once you find it, Copy the article and paste it in the vocab profiler and The Vocab Profiler classifies the vocabulary into the following four categories:

  • K1 Words
  • K2 Words
  • AWL Words
  • Off-List Words
Vocabulary Profiler

#2 Vocab Kitchen

Vocab Kitchen is a user-friendly vocabulary profiler that will help you know with accuracy the level of the text you desire to use. the option for this vocabulary profiler that I am in more interested in is the one that uses the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages  as a base.

Vocab Kitchen can analyze a text based on:

  1. Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)
  2. Academic Word List (AWL)
Vocabulary Profiler

#3 Text Inspector

Text Inspector analyses the difficulty level of texts in English, giving you an instant score and detailed feedback. This Vocabulary Profiler will analyze your text using  the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Vocabulary Profiler

What Can you Do with the Texts after the Analysis?

You can do any of these five type of exercises after having analyzed a text using a vocabulary profiler.

  • Multiple Choice Exercise
  • Cloze test
  • Matching
  • True or False
  • Short Answer
Manuel Campos, English Professor

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