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Linking Words

Linking Words are words or phrases that show the relationship between paragraphs or sections of a text or speech.

Transitions provide greater cohesion by making it more explicit or signaling how ideas relate to one another.

List of Linking Words

This is a list of linking words divided by category:

Linking Words to Add:

tooequally important 
  • Furthermore,thousands of people suffer detention in overcrowded prisons without charge or trial.
  • It is equally important to listen to what others think of what we do, so we can do it better.
  • Moreover he is considered to be a founder of the professional national dramatic art
  • After nine months of pregnancy, the time has finally arrived

Linking Words to Compare:

whereasby comparison
but where
yetcompared to
on the other handup against
howeverbalanced against
neverthelessin contrast
on the contraryalthough
meanwhileafter all
  • However, the tropical lowlands is where illegal coca growing and cocaine refining is concentrated.
  • Meanwhile, the population remains very concerned about the fate of those in prison.
  • On the contrary,those weapons endanger peace and stability. 
  • The region is relatively well off by comparison with the rest of the developing world. 
  • These figures are relatively low, compared to Africa or Southeast Asia.
  • On the other hand, most people tend to trust their experience
  • In contrast, nobody has dared to contest the truths they contain.

Linking Words to Prove:

for the same reasonin fact
obviouslyin addition
evidentlyin any case
furthermorethat is 
  • Please enter a valid email address since  you will be sent an email including a link to activate your account.
  • Evidently previous rights are not taken into account.
  • Indeed, this is an historic moment you are presiding over
  • In fact, if left unchecked bacteria levels can double in number every 20 minutes. 

Connectors to Show Sequence:

thirdso forth
following thisnow 
at this pointafter
previouslybefore this
  1. Afterward,Ulises told us that he thought it was a miracle. 
  2. Consequently, health information is included in this definition.
  3. Concurrently, there was also an incursion by troops into their territory. 

Linkers to Give an Example:

For exampleFor instance
In this caseIn another  case
On this ocassionin this situation
take the case ofto demonstrate
to illustrateas a illustration
  • Take the case of domestic violence, for example.
  • To illustrate this concept, it is relevant to invoke the classification of crimes by order of conduct. 

Linking Words To Summarize or Conclude:

as I have said therefore
hence accordingly
as I have shown thus
to conclude consequently
summing up on the whole
in brief in conclusion
  • Hence the crucial role of translation was emphasized.

Linking Words To Show Exception:

StillOf course
HoweverOnce in a while
In Spite of
  • Nevertheless, significant progress has already been made in a number of fields.

Linking Words To Show Time:

immediately, thereafter, soon, after a few hours, finally, then, later, previously, formerly, first (second, etc.), next, and then

  • Formerly,this was possible only through a judicial procedure.

Linking Words To Repeat:

in brief as I have said
as has been noted as I have noted
  • In brief,a modern city with a high quality of life.
  • As has been noted before, the passage of  legislation is one thing and its application and enforcement is another.

Linking Words To Emphasize:

definitely, extremely, obviously, in fact, indeed, in any case, absolutely, positively, naturally, surprisingly, always, forever, perennially, eternally, never, emphatically, unquestionably, without a doubt, certainly, undeniably, without reservation.

  • Indeed, this is an historic moment you are presiding over.
  • In fact,most of the islands cannot rely on their domestic market.
  • This is unquestionably a very positive result and even better than expected

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