Grammar Lessons: Embedded Questions

How to Make Embedded Questions


An embedded question is a part of a sentence that would be a question if it were on its own, but is not a question in the context of the sentence:

  1. I don’t know where she has gone.
  2. Could you tell me where the bank is?
  3. Can you tell me where the gas station is?

Common Introductory Phrases 

Introductory PhrasesExample
I wonder if…I wonder if you could help me out
Could you tell me …?Could you tell me where the station is?
Do you know …?Doyou know how to ride a bike?
Can you remember…?Can you remember where you left it?
We need to know…We need to know where you are
I am not sureI am not sure where you were last night
Can you tell me…?Can you tell me where he lives?

Direct Questions vs Indirect Questions

Direct QuestionsIndirect Questions
What time is it?Can you tell me what time it is?
Where is she?Could you tell me where she is?
What’s her name?Do you know what her name is?
Who is a doctor?I wonder who is a doctor
What is she doing?I wonder what she is doing
Can she win?Can you tell me whether or not she can swim?

Indirect Questions

TenseDirect QuestionIndirect Question
Verb to beWhere is she?Do you know where she is?
Simple PresentWhere does he work?Can you tell me where he works?
Verb to be Was he sick?Do you know if he was sick?
Simple pastWhat did he win?Could you tell me what he won?
Present PerfectWhere have you been?Can you tell me where you have been?
Future ContinuousAre you going to play Can you tell me if you are going to play
Future with willWill she be there?Could you tell me if she will be there?
Modal ShouldShould we start now?Do you know if we should start now?


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