Oraciones con Wonder: Guía y Ejemplos

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En esta publicación encontrarás todo lo que necesitas saber sobre las oraciones con wonder.

Wonder es un verbo que usas para hacerte preguntas a ti mismo o expresar deseos de saber algo

  • Your parents will be wondering where you are.
  • I’ve been wondering about going to Florida
  • I wonder if you could give me some information?

Wonder también puede usarse para referirse a un objeto que causa gran sorpresa o admiración

  • We spent a week visiting the wonders of Ancient Greek civilization.
  • What are the wonders of modern technology?

Ahora veamos todo lo que debes saber sobre las oraciones con el verbo “wonder” para que puedas hacerlas correctamente

Oraciones con Wonder en Pasado

Estas son algunas oraciones con wonder que puedes usar para crear tus propias oraciones

Estas son oraciones con wonder sobre eventos pasados

  • I wonder why he was absent.
  • I wonder why they chose this spot.
  • He wondered why she did that.
  • wonder how Tom learned French.

Oraciones con Wonder en Presente

Estas son oraciones con wonder sobre eventos en presente

  • I wonder what the world is doing now.
  • I wonder who he is.
  • I wonder what he’s thinking.
  • I wonder what this is all about.
  • wonder which way to go.
  • wonder why I’m so sleepy
  • wonder what’s wrong with the car.
  • I wonder what he is talking about

Oraciones con Wonder con If

Estas son algunas oraciones con wonder y la palabra if

  • I was beginning to wonder if you were ever going to arrive.
  • People are starting to wonder if you don’t like them.
  • wonder if he’ll come tonight. 
  • wonder if you can handle this. 
  •  I wonder if they’ll get divorced. 
  • I wonder if he will be able to get a job

Preguntas con Wonder

Estas son algunas preguntas con el verbo “wonder”

  • Have you ever wondered what life would be like without technology?
  • Do you ever wonder if there is life on other planets?
  • Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel back in time?
  • Have you ever wondered why some people are more successful than others?
  • Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a different country?

Pronunciación de Wonder

Esta es la pronunciación de Wonder

Dialogue Usando Wonder

Joshua: Hey, Todd, have you ever wondered about trying out that new survival game everyone’s talking about?

Todd: Yeah, I’ve been wondering the same thing. The reviews say it’s quite a unique experience.

Joshua: I heard you can explore vast landscapes and wonder at the beauty of the in-game world.

Todd: It’s fascinating how these games make us wonder what it’d be like to live in those virtual realms.

Joshua: Absolutely. I wonder if the gameplay mechanics are as good as they say.

Todd: Well, there’s only one way to find out – let’s give it a shot and wonder no more! Who knows what kind of adventures await?

Joshua: You’re right. Let’s check it out!

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