Oraciones con Ever: Guía y Ejemplos

En esta publicación encontrarás todo lo que necesitas para hacer oraciones con la palabra ever.

Ever es un adverbio en Inglés y tiene muchos significados pero el principal de ellos es alguna vez

#1Have you ever been skiing?
#2Have you ever been to Italy

Ahora veamos una serie de detalles para poder hacer oraciones con ever correctamente

¿Qué Significa Ever?

Ya sabemos que ever significa alguna vez en oraciones con el presente perfecto en Inglés sin embargo ever tiene otros significados cuando está acompañado de otras palabras

  • Ever since significa desde entonces
  • Hardly ever significa casi nunca
  • Than ever significa que nunca

Mira estos ejemplos para que entiendas más acerca de su uso:

  • It’s been raining ever since we arrived.
  • I hardly ever eat red meat.
  • Jamie seems happier than ever.
  • Do you ever take the kids swimming?
  • We hardly ever go out these days.
  • We met at school and have been friends ever since.
  • No one ever calls me.

Oraciones con Ever

Estos son ejemplos de algunas oraciones con ever

  • Nobody has ever bought my paintings before.
  • Nothing ever turns out right!
  • You can’t ever really trust them.
  • We hardly ever go to the cinema.
  • Nobody has ever said that to me before.
  • Nothing like this has ever happened to us.
  • She barely ever replies to my emails.
  • She was working harder than ever.
  • My life is better than ever!
  • That was the best birthday ever.
  • I’ve loved London ever since I was a child.
  • She’s wanted to have children ever since she met her husband.
  • No one in her family ever questioned her innocence.
  • No one in the family ever discussed the details.
  • No one can ever hurt you again.

Preguntas con Ever

Estos son ejemplos de preguntas con ever

  • Doesn’t he ever call his grandmother?
  • Have you ever been to England?
  • Has she ever met the Prime Minister?
  • Have you ever studied German?
  • Has Lucy ever been to the theatre?
  • Haven’t they ever been to Europe?
  • Haven’t you ever eaten Chinese food?
  • Do you ever come to London?
  • Haven’t you ever made a mistake?
  • You’re the sweetest person I’ve ever met.
  • Have I ever lied to you?
  • Do you think I would ever harm you?
  • Could she ever truly love any man?
  • Don’t you ever read the Bible?
  • Did she ever regret going back to her husband?
  • Did Daniel ever call you?
  • Have you ever killed anyone?
  • Do you ever feel guilty about her death?
  • Will I ever get used to this?
  • Do you ever miss the countryside?
  • Have you ever told anyone?
  • Didn’t you ever get it?
  • Has he ever been violent like this before?
  • Why would you ever do such a silly thing?
  • He was weaker than ever before.

Preguntas y Respuestas con Ever

Estas son algunas preguntas con ever con su respectivo ejemplo de respuesta

  • Have you ever studied German?
  • No, I haven’t. I don’t think I know a word in german
  • Did Daniel ever call you?
  • He called me a few times after we broke up
  • Will I ever get used to this?
  • After a few days, you will be alright
  • Don’t you ever read the Bible?
  • I know some stories well but I don’t read it anymore
  • Haven’t you ever made a mistake?
  • I have and I try to learn from them
  • Have you ever told anyone?
  • I haven’t told anyone about my secret to success
  • Have you ever killed anyone?
  • Of course not, how about you?
  • Has he ever been violent like this before?
  • No, he is a really nice guy

Pronunciation de Ever

Esta es la pronunciación de la palabra “ever”

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