Learning English Discussion Questions

Published on May 2, 2024 | Updated on June 20, 2024

Discussion Questions are a big part of the classroom ESL classroom.

Do you think that discussing the challenges when learning English could create a insightful conversation?

I started learning English when I was 16 and I can tell what the most rewarding and challenging aspects of learning a new language are.

I bet students have a lot of stories to tell about their English journey, stories that all of us could relate.

In this post, we will explore some common questions about learning English.

Common Questions about Learning English

These are sets of questions about learning English.

  • How long have you been learning English?
  • Why do you want to learn English?
  • What’s your current English level?
  • What English level do you expect to achieve?
  • What are your goals for learning English?

  • Do you find English grammar difficult?
  • Do you find English pronunciation difficult?
  • Do you find listening to English difficult?

  • How do you practice your English speaking skills?
  • How do you improve your listening skills?
  • How do you improve your English pronunciation?

  • What are some of the best resources you use to improve your English?
  • Do you use English Learning apps?
  • Do you rely on books to learn English?

  • Have you ever taken an English language course or lesson?
  • What do you think is the most challenging aspect of learning English?
  • Have you ever had a conversation with a native English speaker?
  • How do you improve your English vocabulary?

  • Have you ever watched English movies to improve your language skills?
  • Have you ever watched TV shows to improve your language skills?
  • Do you listen to music in order to improve your vocabulary and pronunciation?

  • What are some common mistakes you make when speaking English?
  • Have you made any embarrassing mistakes during classes?
  • Do you use apps like Grammarly to correct errors and mistakes?

  • Have you ever traveled to an English-speaking country?
  • Do you want to travel to an English-speaking country?
  • Would you like to move to an English-speaking country?

  • Have you ever paid for English courses?
  • Have you ever taken English classes?
  • Do you prefer learning on your own or attending classes?

  • How do you handle difficult English conversations or situations?
  • Have you ever read news articles to improve your language skills?
  • What are your strategies for remembering new English words and phrases?

Learning English Questions Game

Take turns to practice your English with friends and classmates

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