Lista de 125 Conectores en Inglés

Conectores en Inglés

Los Conectores en Inglés son palabras o frases que muestran la relación entre párrafos o secciones de un texto o discurso.

Las transiciones proporcionan una mayor cohesión al hacerlo más explícito o al señalar cómo se relacionan las ideas entre sí.

Miremos estos dos ejemplos:

  1. Netflix has many movies and shows and it is only $9.
  2. The christmas tree is natural but it is expensive.

Como podemos ver en las oraciones anteriores, and se usa para agregar algo a la declaración anterior.

En la segunda oración, podemos ver cómo se dice algo positivo y negativo sobre la Navidad. Lo sabemos porque la palabra but se usa para contrastar ideas

Lista de Conectores en Inglés

Lista de Conectores en Inglés

Esta es una lista de conectores en Inglés dividida en categorías:

Conectores en Inglés para Agregar:

tooequally important 
  • Furthermore,thousands of people suffer detention in overcrowded prisons without charge or trial.
  • It is equally important to listen to what others think of what we do, so we can do it better.
  • Moreover he is considered to be a founder of the professional national dramatic art
  • After nine months of pregnancy, the time has finally arrived

Conectores en Inglés para Comparar:

whereasby comparison
but where
yetcompared to
on the other handup against
howeverbalanced against
neverthelessin contrast
on the contraryalthough
meanwhileafter all
  • However, the tropical lowlands is where illegal coca growing and cocaine refining is concentrated.
  • Meanwhile, the population remains very concerned about the fate of those in prison.
  • On the contrary,those weapons endanger peace and stability. 
  • The region is relatively welloff by comparison with the rest of the developing world. 
  • These figures are relatively low, compared to Africa or Southeast Asia.
  • On the other hand, most people tend to trust their experience
  • In contrast, nobody has dared to contest the truths they contain.

Conectores en Inglés para Demostrar:

for the same reasonin fact
obviouslyin addition
evidentlyin any case
furthermorethat is 
  • Please enter a valid email address since  you will be sent an email including a link to activate your account.
  • Evidently previous rights are not taken into account.
  • Indeed, this is an historic moment you are presiding over
  • In fact, if left unchecked bacteria levels can double in number every 20 minutes. 

Conectores en Inglés para Secuenciar:

thirdso forth
following thisnow 
at this pointafter
previouslybefore this
  1. Afterward,Ulises told us that he thought it was a miracle. 
  2. Consequently, health information is included in this definition.
  3. Concurrently, there was also an incursion by troops into their territory. 

Conectores en Inglés para dar Ejemplos:

For exampleFor instance
In this caseIn another  case
On this ocassionin this situation
take the case ofto demonstrate
to illustrateas a illustration
  • Take the case of domestic violence, for example.
  • To illustrate this concept, it is relevant to invoke the classification of crimes by order of conduct. 

Conectores en Inglés para Resumir:

as I have saidtherefore
as I have shownthus
to concludeconsequently
summing upon the whole
in briefin conclusion
  • Hence the crucial role of translation was emphasized.

Conectores en Inglés para dar excepciones:

StillOf course
HoweverOnce in a while
In Spite of
  • Nevertheless, significant progress has already been made in a number of fields.

Conectores en Inglés para hablar de Tiempo:

immediately then
thereafter later
soon previously
after a few hours formerly
finally first
next and then
  • Formerly,this was possible only through a judicial procedure.
  • The protest ended after a few hours without incident. 
  • Thereafter,their status, independence and role within the community has been undermined. 

Conectores en Inglés para repetir:

in briefas I have said
as has been notedas I have noted
  • In brief,a modern city with a high quality of life.
  • As has been noted before, the passage of  legislation is one thing and its application and enforcement is another.

Conectores en Inglés para dar Énfasis:

without reservation emphatically
naturally indeed
without a doubt unquestionably
surprisingly positively
absolutely always
eternally undeniably
certainly forever
never definitely
extremely obviously
in fact in any case
  • Indeed, this is an historic moment you are presiding over.
  • In fact,most of the islands cannot rely on their domestic market.
  • This is unquestionably a very positive result and even better than expected

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