How to Teach Writing


How to Teach Writing 

Writing is used for a wide variety of purposes and it is produced in many forms.

Regardless of the purpose of your writing, writers have an audience in mind when writing and they change their writing before you read the final product.

The process of writing is usually made up of  four stages.

  1. Planning
  2. Drafting 
  3. Editing 
  4. The Final Version


Planning refers to the time prepapring and thinking before starting to write. For some writers, this stage is used for making detailed notes.

In this stage, you have to consider  the purpose of your writing, the audience and the structure in which you wll deliver your content.


This is the first version of your piece of writing on the assumption that you will fix issues on your writing later.

There can different amounts of drafts may be produced on the way to the final version.


When the final draft is producedm, writers read through it to see what works and what it doesn’t.

This process is often helped by other readers and editors.

Final Version

Once the necessary changes are made, writers produce the final version

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