How to Write Formal and Informal Emails

How to Write Formal and Informal Emails

How to Write Formal and Informal Emails

It is important to learn how to write formal and informal emails since emails are an important way to communicate in business and organizations.

Formal and Informal Emails: Greetings

These are some examples of greetings that you can use in formal and Informal Emails


Dear Sir/ Madam Dear Mr/ Ms Jones
To whom it may concern Dear Dr Smith


Hi Dennis Hello Claire

Key Phrases

These are some key phrases

Starting PhrasesDear Tim
Good Morning Tim
Ending PhrasesRegards
With best wishes
with many thanks and best wishes

Lesson Plan – How to Write Formal and Informal Emails

Schema Activation (10 Mins)

  • Teacher play chinese whispers with the students with some key vocabulary studied in class.


  • Teacher plays chinese whispers
Task #1 (30 Mins)
  1. Students review new vocabulary using a Tiny Card Set
  2. Students make pair, they are given a worksheet with expressions
    • Salutations
    • Ways to close an email
    • Giving bad news
    • Giving good news
    • Friendly Ending
  3. Students classify the different expression into categories. Once they are ready
  4. They get together with another pair and and they review their answers together using the question:
    1. What do you have in #1? I think #1 is …
Task #2 (15 Mins)
  1. Students are given a list of scrambled sentences.
  2. They unscrambled the sentences
  3. Then they make pairs and check if their answers were right
  1. Students are given an email, they have to read it  and analyze the question in it
  2. They have to write a reply to that email
Task #3
  1. Students are given an email someone wrote asking information about a University
  2. They have to read the  email and reply the questions included in it.
Main Task (40 Mins)
  1. Students are gonna write a formal and Informal Emails about a beach trip and they are going to send that to their classmates.


  • Students  are going to answer a quiz with questions related to formal and informal emails
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