What’s Free voluntary Reading?

Free Voluntary Reading

Free Voluntary Reading is free reading; students are free to choose the materials they want to read.

  • Its voluntary reading; students can choose to or not to report the reading they have done.
  • Students are also free to or not to read at home.

FVR is Sustained Silent Reading in its purest form.

  • No requirements
  • No book reports.
  • No journal entries.
  • No chapter questions.
  • No required home reading

Free Voluntary Reading Objectives

The goal of SSR is to:

  • Develop a taste for reading
  • Stimulate the once – reluctant reader to read more outside of school.

Praises for Free Voluntary Reading

Studies have consistently shown that those who read more show more literacy development.

Studies confirm that those who participate in SSR programs read more on their own when the program is over (Pilgreen and Krashen, 1993) and one study showed that they continue to read more even years later (Greaney and Clarke, 1973).

Criticism of Free Voluntary Reading

Some critics have claimed that free voluntary reading is merely a time for pretend” reading, that many students simply flip pages and look at pictures.


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