Webquests: How to Teach The Four Skills Effectively



These past few weeks, we have studied about how to teach the four skills, today we are going to reinforce that knowledge.


The student will  visit several english teaching sites and resources so they can learn more about how to teach listening, reading, speaking and writing.


  1. The task will be divided in four parts, students will visit reliable sources and they will answer a worksheet.


  1. Read the definitions about skimming and scanning and understand the difference between both reading techniques.
  2. Read the post «Example of pre-reading activities» and learn more about the importance of pre-reading activities and identify the ones that can be useful to you in your teaching.
  3. Read the blog post Why to Activate your ESL Students’ Background Schema and learn what background schema is, why it is important to activate and activities to activate it.


  1. Read the blog post called  Pre-listening activities and learn more about the importance of pre-listening activities
  2. Read the blog post called a framework for planning listening skills lessons and learn more about the while-listening and post-listening stage


  1. Watch the video called  Techniques and learn more about the topic from experts.
  2. Watch the video called activities and learn more about the experts have to say about the topic


  1. Read the document «Presentation, Practice and Production» and learn more about this framework used to teach writing.


The student’s knowledge will be measured by the ability of the student to answer the following worksheet.


If the students makes this learning a meaningful one, he or she would be able to pass future evaluations successfully.


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