Voz Pasiva en Inglés con Can

En esta publicación encontrarás todo lo que necesitas saber para hacer oraciones con la voz pasiva y el modal can

El verbo modal can significa poder y se usa para crear oraciones activas y oraciones pasivas en Inglés

ActivaMaria can paint those walls
PasivaThose walls can be painted by Maria

Ahora veamos la estructura para realizar oraciones pasivas con el verbo modal can

Oraciones Pasivas con Can: Estructura

Esta es la estructura para realizar oraciones pasivas con can

Sujeto que recibe la acciónThose walls
Verbo modal canCan
Verbo ser Be
Verbo en pasado participioPainted
Sujeto que realiza la acciónby Maria

Ejemplos de Oraciones Pasivas con Can

Ahora veamos ejemplos de oraciones pasivas con can:

  • These videos can be edited by Karl
  • Those tournaments can be easily won by Rich Froning
  • Those blogs can be cleaned by Derek
  • Those sites can be hosted on Cloudways
  • Those students can be given a scholarship
  • Controversial questions cannot be asked in this conference
  • New words in French can be learned every day
  • The report can be reviewed by the manager.
  • The cake can be baked in the oven.
  • The problem can be solved with careful analysis.
  • The document can be edited by anyone with access.
  • The movie can be watched on streaming platforms.
  • The package can be tracked online.
  • The decision can be influenced by various factors.
  • The concert tickets can be purchased at the box office.

Ejemplos de Preguntas Pasivas con Can

Estos son ejemplos de oraciones interrogativas con el verbo modal can

  • Can phones be used in class?
  • Can an essay written under hour?
  • Can the project be finished on time?
  • Can Netflix be paid using Ethereum?
  • Can money be saved every day?
  • Can the decision be made by the committee?
  • Can crypto be bought with these credit cards?
  • Can a book be published every day?
  • Can these cars be checked tomorrow?
  • Can questions be asked during the session?
  • Can the book be borrowed from the library?
  • Can the document be shared with the team?

Voz Activa y Voz Pasiva con Can

Estos son ejemplos de oraciones de oraciones activas y su conversión a oraciones pasivas

  • Nobody can use phones here
  • Phones can’t be used here
  • Nobody can check these films
  • These films can’t be checked
  • Everybody can buy that equipment
  • That equipment can be bought by equipment
  • You can write a post every day
  • A post can be written every day
  • We can sign the contract tomorrow
  • The contract can be signed tomorrow
  • You can buy tickets online
  • Tickets can be bought online
  • You can easily understand this story
  • This story can be easily understood
  • You can answer these questions using the online form
  • These questions can be answered using the online form

Conversación en Inglés

Este es un pequeño diálogo en Inglés que incluye oraciones pasivas con el verbo can

Clemens Hi
Phillips Hello
Clemens Did you use your phone?
Phillips Yes, I did
Clemens Phones can’t be used here
Phillips Sorry, I didn’t know that

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Espero que hayas encontrado todo lo que necesitas para hacer oraciones pasivas con el verbo modal can

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