Grammar Lessons: Used to vs. Would

Used to vs. Use to

Used to vs. Would

We can use “used to” talk about people’s habits in the past

Positive: Used To

  1. I used to play soccer when I was a kid.
  2. You used to run every day when you were in highschool.
  3. She used to watch TV when she wasn’t working.
  4. He used to sing songs in the bathroom
  5. We used to study more often when we were in the university
  6. They used to be good kids when they were in school

Negative: Didn’t use to

  1. I didn’t use to play soccer when I was a kid.
  2. You didn’t use to make crafts when you were a kid.
  3. She didn’t use to do that when she was my student.
  4. He didn’t use to run very often when he was here
  5. We didn’t use to study more often
  6. They didn’t use to play very often

Questions: Did you use to?

  1. Did I use to run around here?
  2. Did you use to live here?
  3. Didn’t he use to smoke a lot?
  4. Didn’t she use to study a lot?
  5. Did we use to come here when we were kids?
  6. Did they use to go to the beach in the summer?

Used to vs. Would

We can use “would” to describe past habits

  • Before internet people would send letters to each other.
  • When I was at school I would get up before everyone else in our house.
To Be Used to

To Be Used to

To be Used  is used when you want to say that you are accostumed to do something


  1. I am used to speaking in English at work
  2. You are used to living in these conditions
  3. She is used to commuting to work every day
  4. He is used to doing 100 push-ups every day
  5. They are used to this kind of entertainment
  6. We are used to driving in highways


  1. Are you used to eating Sushi?
  2. is she used to commuting to work every day?
  3. Is he used to  doing 100 push-ups every day?
  4. Are they used to this kind of entertainment?

Get Used to 

Get used means becoming familiar with a situation

  1. I am getting used to eating cereal in the morning
  2. She is getting used to speaking English
  3. I can’t get used to Sushi
  4. I will never get used to speaking English