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Types of Food Vocabulary

Types of Food Vocabulary


Introduce all the vocabulary about the different types of food


Reading: This worksheet has the information for the presentation and the reading

Types of food eating habits and behaviors at the table – Worksheet – Pdf

Listening: If you want to improve the listening skills of your students, these are some readings with audio that you can use.

  1. Fast Food
  2. Fish and Chips
  3. World Pizza Toppings
  4. Food and Health Myths
  5. The World Biggest Hamburger
  6. Octopus
  7. Food Deserts
  8. Caesar Salad Dressing Recipe
  9. Food Banks 
  10. Sushi
  11. Family Meals
  12. Carbohydrates


Student can create a dialogue using vocabulary related to types of food and role-play it in front of the class.

  1. Customer being approached by a waiter or waitress.

Students also can do a presentation in which they describe dishes from countries all over the world.

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