Introduction to Literature: Types of Conflict

Types of Conflict


In a work of a narrative, a Type of Conflict is the challenge that the main character has to face to  achieve their goals.  It is important to remember that

  1. a narrative is not limited to a single type of conflict.
  2.  The resolution of a conflict creates closure or fulfillment.
  3.  The closure or fulfillment is not necessarily the one that the protagonist wanted.

Types of Conflict


Person vs. Person

This conflict is the classic showdown between the main character  or protagonist and the antagonist.   The main character is not necesarily the good guy and the antagonist is not necessarily the bad guy.

Person vs. Nature

This conflict happens when the protagonist has to struggle against the external forces of nature.

  1. Life of PI by Yann Martel  tells a story of a young man who had to survive difficult conditions in the sea.

Person vs. Society

This conflict has to do with people that have to stand up for the convictions by taking a stand against social forces.

  1. In Romeo and Juliet, Both of their families are against each other and that leads to the eventual death of the young couple.
  2. In How to Kill  a Mockingbird, we read how some people struggle in a world where descrimination is at its highest point.

Person vs. Self

This conflict is present every time, the main character needs to make a big decision. This type conflict is an internal conflict.


  1. Hamlet has to deal with his undecisiveness
  2. In the Lord of the Flies, many characters have an internal conflict because they don’t know how to deal with some situations while they are stranded in an island.

Person vs. Supernatural

This conflict is present in a work of literature when the protagonist has to  fight or deal with forces of nature.

  1. Harry Potter had to deal with supernatural forces.
  2. In the Lord of the Rings, many characters have to face supernatural forces.
  3. In The Odyssey, Odysseus faces many conflicts on his journey as he faces cyclops and a witch.

Types of Conflict Worksheet provides the best worksheets for students  and learners  about each one of the topics that this post intends to cover.

  1. Types of Conflict Lesson 1 | PPT
  2. Types of Conflict Lesson 2 | PPT
  3. Types of Conflict Worksheet 1 PDF
  4. Types of Conflict Worksheet 2 PDF
  5. Types of Conflict Worksheet 3 PDF
  6. Types of Conflict Worksheet 4 PDF

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