Reading Exercises: Turu Ba Ri Nature & Adventure Park

Turu-Ba ri

HEY kids!  Tell your mom and dad about the new fun tropical park.  That’s only about an hour and a half away from San José.  It’s called Turu Ba–Ri Tropical Park, and it’s located in Turrubares (between Puriscal and Orotina).

There are activities for everyone, Things to do include riding on trails with a guide, visiting a  butterfly house , bamboo,  cactus and orchid gardens,  and flying  through the air on canopy tours for beginners over ten years old and advanced adventurers.  All  accompanied by tour guides.

More  lodges should be open soon for those of you who would like to spend the night there too.

Park entrance: adults 2.000 Colones, students 1.200 Colones, foreigners $15, foreign students $10.

Canopy tour with snacks and a tour  guide : foreigners $40, students $30; residents 12.000 Colones, students 10.000 Colones.

Horseback riding  tours : students 8.000 Colones, residents 10.000 Colones, foreigners $40, students $30.

Call (506) 4052-0940 or write to for more information

Choose the appropriate alternative to answer the question,  from the reading above.

1)    How long does it take to go from San José to Park Turu Ba–ri?  It takes __________________ minutes.

A)    just sixty–six

B)   only ninety–five

C)   only about ninety

D)   about eighty–three

2)    What kind of people go to the adventure park?

A)    Only adults.

B)   Children

C)   Foreigners only

D)   Everybody

4)    The Tropical Park offer one of these activities

 A)   Bungee Jumping

B)   Parachuting

C)   Canopy Tours

D)   Bull Riding

5)    Which does the Park offer?

A)    Just dinner and lodge.

B)   Free entrance to the park.

C)   Free entrance to students

D)   Low rates for students.

6)   We can contact  Turu Ba–Ri  park for information  ___________________________________

 A)  By visiting its website

B)   By sending a letter through traditional mail

C)   By  making a phone call

D)   By visiting  a travel agency

Wanna learn more about Turu Bari ,Consider visiting