15 TOEIC Tips and Tricks to Improve your Score

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Have you taken the Test of English for International Communication?

I mean the TOEIC Test, I have taken the test twice and in both instances I’ve got the results that I wanted

Do you want to improve your score?

If you do, please follow these 15  TOEIC Tips and Tricks  and your score is going to get better next time:

TOEIC Tips and Tricks

#1 First of all, Don’t try to cut corners, you need to make an effort to learn the language, specially if you call yourself a teacher. The TOEIC test is not something that you prepare for overnight so take your time and plan in advance.

#2 The TOEIC service list can help you learn the key vocabulary to understand questions, answers, texts and listening passages. Basically a TOEIC service list is a list of key words that often are found in TOEIC Exams.

#3 In the listening section, I like to take a few seconds to read the questions before I listen to the listening passage, doing that I get to know what I have to listen for, that’s called listening for details. Some test takers, listen to the passage first and then try to answer the question but they forgot the passage as they read the questions.

#4 In the reading section, do the math and try to find out how many seconds or minutes you can spend dealing with each question.

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#5 Try to avoid distractions the day before you take the TOEIC Test, make sure you don’t start any troubles at home, try not to get the flu and sleep well a night before. Test Takers who arrive to the examination classroom thinking or concerned about something else tend to get poor results.

#6 Read the TOEIC Test handbook so you know what to expect, if you have never taken the test before, make sure you do everything to make that situation predictable, I mean you have to know what comes first and what’s next. Be in control.

#7 Talk to those successful language learners who have got great results and ask them for a piece of advice and don’t take advice from those who didn’t have a pleasant experience and desired TOEIC scores.

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#8 Did you know that there are books that can get ytoeou ready for the TOEIC? If you haven’t checked this list of great resources to prepare for the TOEIC, you better go and do it.


#9 If  you don’t like books, you can check this great list of sites that will help you prepare for the TOEIC, they  were carefully picked for you.

#10 Know the level that you have right now, you can do that without paying a fee by visiting the EF Standard English Test.  If you get a low score in that test, don’t expect to get a C1 in the real test. Let’s be realistic!

#11 Practice under real test conditions, don’t expect to deliver if you practice for short periods of time and under unreal circumstances.

#12 Don’t try to translate during the reading section, scan the text and look for the information that you need. Believe me, there is no time to check the meaning of every word, line and text.

#13 If you get distracted during the listening section, mark the option that makes more sense. For example, If I couldn’t listen for option A, I still listen attentively for options B, C and D, if the last three seems like incorrect answers. I choose A even though I have no clue what it says.


#14 Manage stress, stay calm and no matter how hard you think the test is,  stress won’t help.

#15 Love, Learn and Live English, there is no magic trick that can take you from A1 to B2/C1 in two weeks.

What other TOEIC Tips and Trick do you know? Leave me a comment with your recommendations

Good Luck


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