Reading Exercises: The Fappening and the Snappening Photo Hacking.

Reading Exercises: The Fappening and the Snappening Photo Hacking.


Hackers seem to have found a new hobby. They now break in to cloud storage accounts  and third party applications. Two hacks have been a trend in social media sites lately , one of them is  The Fappening  which refers to the hack to celebrities suffered as their  photos and videos have been leaked into numerous websites , the other hack was The happening which refers to the hack that Snapchat users suffered as hackers admit they have collected a giant database of intercepted snapchat photos and videos  that they plan to make public.

The following is  a list of recommendations to keep your private data secure: 

Password protect  your photos : Nothing is  100% secure and it will never be 100%  But what you can  secure your pictures or personal information with a password, or encryption.

Do not use public sharing sites: The best method is NOT to share any pictures or information on the internet, but this method will kick you back to the age of no internet so  share carefully and responsibly.

Do not use third-party applications: Make sure you use the official application of your social media as third party application  can have vulnerability issues.

Password protect your phone and applications: Make sure to have your phone  and application protected with a password  so if it is lost or stolen , your sensitive photos and information will be secure.

Disable automatic sharing in your phone and computer: Make sure that you aren’t automatically sharing your photos to services if you don’t want  the photos to be store online.

Set up a Strong password  for your email account: Make sure your passwords include numbers and both uppercase and lowercase letters  and special characters, don’t use personal information such as names , birthday , and places.

Don’t open email attachments:  Only open attachments  if  you know exactly what they are or who they are from.

If you must take nude photos of yourself, keep your face (and any other identifiable markings) out of the photo.

Answer the questions based on the reading

1.  “Two hacks have been a trend in social media sites lately ”

According to the sentence above, the hacks have been ___________

a)    Popular

b)   Barely known

c)    Unpopular

d)   Barely popular

2.  “photos and videos have been leaked into numerous websites”

The word “leaked” means  __________

a)    Make unknown

b)   Make secret

c)    release

d)   Make  unpopular

3.  The recommendation when sharing images on social networks is  :______

a)    Share freely

b)   Share everything

c)    Share without worries

d)   Share prudently

4.  “Disable automatic sharing in your phone and computer”

The word “Disable” in the text means _____________________

a)    to switch off

b)   to turn on

c)    to switch on

d)   to  resume use

5.  A strong passwords according to the text might look like this :______

e)    britanny1985

f)    brittanydaniels

g)    Britannyoregon

h)   Brit@nnY@14

 6.  The recommendation for email attachments  is :______

a)    Open attachment from strangers

b)   Forward emails with attachment from stranger

c)    Open the attachment if you know the sender

d)   Delete the attachment if you know what it is

7.  The recommendation if taking nude photos is :______

a)    Include your face in the picture

b)   Don’t leave any part of your body out

c)    Leave your face out

d)   Make sure your tattoo in in the picture

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