Teaching Pronunciation: 7 Essential Concepts with Judy B. Gilbert

Important points

  1. We  can’t  teach  everything  that  we  know  about  pronunciation.
  2. We  have   to teach  one  thing at a time.
  3. We  have   to   use the  term  accent addition  instead of  accent  reduction.
  4. Teach only  the  highest  priority  issues.
  5. Punctuations  matters    for  listening  comprehension.
  6. Word stress  matters  for  listening  comprehension.
  7. Repetition is   to build  Long -term memory.
  8. Quality  repetition is  important
  9. Intonation is to contrast  new  information  and old information
  10. Intonation is to separate  thought  groups
  11. People  are  scared  of  contractions, they are  a listening comprehension barrier
  12. Schwa is  the  most  common sound in spoken english
  13. Final  consonants  are crucial in  spoken english.