How to Pronounce The Final -S [Videos and Exercises]


How to Pronounce “S” vs. “Z” Sounds 


English pronunciation – s sound and z sound

Improve Your English Pronunciation of S and Z

 Final “S” Pronunciation Worksheets and Exercises

  1. Final “S” Pronunciation Worksheet
  2. Final “S” Pronunciation Exercises

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  1. Just about the first film, it wouldn’t be very accurate to advise the learners to place their tongue tip behind their bottom teeth as they will probably find it confusing when they attempt to pronounce it especially before other alveolar sounds. It would be more accurate to tell the students to position the tongue tip behind the hard palate or behind the upper teeth without letting the tip come into contact with the teeth or gum. The students should feel the sides of the tongue in contact with the upper teeth though.

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