Listening Exercises for Beginners: The Marathon

The Marathon

Marathon - Pixabay

W:Did you watch the Boston marathon?

M:Yes, I went to Boston to see it.

W:You were in Boston for the marathon?

M:That’s right. My friend is a runner, so I went there to watch her run. We traveled to Boston together.

W:You are so lucky! Which part of the marathon did you see?

M:I watched the entire race, from start to finish.

W:I don’t know how the runners can finish the whole race! It’s so long and difficult! I could never do something like that.

M:I tried to run a marathon once. It was really difficult. I just can’t run like my friend can.

W:Yes, running a marathon is not an easy thing to do. By the way, how did your friend do in the race?

M:She did quite well! She was not the fastest runner, but she was in the top 50.

Answer the following questions according to what you read in the conversation.

  1. Why did she go to see the Boston marathon?
  2. How difficult is running a marathon?
  3. How well did her friend do in the marathon?

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