Task Based Learning


Task-based language teaching (TBLT), also known as task-based instruction (TBI), focuses on the use of authentic language and on asking students to do meaningful tasks using the target language. Such tasks can include visiting a doctor, conducting an interview, or calling customer service for help. Assessment is primarily based on task outcome (in other words the appropriate completion of real world tasks) rather than on accuracy of prescribed language forms. This makes TBLT especially popular for developing target language fluency and student confidence. As such TBLT can be considered a branch of communicative language teaching (CLT).


Task-Based Learning – New Cutting Edge

Cutting Edge is a series of a books that were created using the Task-Based Approach which teaching through meaningful tasks. The book is available in VK.com which is a Russian-based online social media and social networking service.




Upper Intermediate
Task-Based Lesson Plans

These are some of the lesson I have created using the Task-Based Approach


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