Task-Based Lesson: How to Talk about Soft Skills


Describe Soft Skills

How to Talk about Soft Skills

Soft Skills

  1. Communication Skills
  2. Teamwork Skills
  3. Interpersonal Skills
  4. Adaptability
  5. Presentation skills
  6. Leadership skills
  7. Research Skills
  8. Project Management Skills
  9. Problem Solving Skills
  10. Strong Work Ethic
  11. Coaching Skills
  12. Emotional Intelligence

Key Expressions

  1. She is an ethical person
  2. They have management abilities
  3. We are problem solvers
  4. I can work under pressure
  5. I can take criticism
  6. I am a great team player
  7. I am highly organized
  8. I am  a great communicator
  9. I am adaptable to change.
  10. I can deal with difficult situations
  11. I am an effective communicator
  12. I am very good at making decisions

Lesson Plan – How to Talk about Soft Skills

Schema Activation  (10 mins)

  1. Teacher displays the definition of hard and soft skills in the screen then students are given pieces of papers, those pieces of paper have soft skills and hard skills, they have to go to the whiteboard and place the skills under the right category.          (10 mins)

Pre-Task ( 70 mins)

  1. Teacher introduces key words and phrases by sending students some pictures about people using the target language. They have to identify the soft skillS  and a key phrases  used to talk about soft skills  and make notes about them (20 mins)
  2. Students make pairs, one of them is given a copy with soft skills and another classmate is given a copy that includes characteristics of people who have that soft skill. They have to match the sentences orally. They repeat the same exercise with another classmate. (20 mins)
  3. Students make pairs or groups of three, they are given a piece of paper with a key expression to talk about soft skills, they have to use that phrase to talk about a soft skills that they think they have.  (10 mins)
  4. Students are given a wordle and students have to make sentences with them.

Main-Task ( 30 mins)

  1. Students are given a mind map and they have to write at least six soft skills that they think they have and they have to explain why they think they have them then they have to make groups of 4 and they have to share their soft skills with their classmates.

Post-Task ( 10 mins)

  1. students are given a short piece of paper and they write the soft skills that they think they have and deliver the piece of writing to the teacher.

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