Teaching Activities: Let’s Talk about Goals and Plans

Teaching Activities: Let’s Talk about Goals and Plans

Let's Talk about Goals and Plans

Expressions to Talk about Goals and Plans

  1. I really want to start my own company .
  2. I am going to learn a new language
  3. I am going to start university
  4. I will spend more time with my family
  5. I would like to travel more

Let’s Talk about Goals and Plans

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You will read about 6 people talking about goals and plans


I want to lose some weight and that’s why I want to start doing exercises,  I will start going to the Gym and running  in the morning.


I will spend more time with my family, specially with my daughters, I will stop working too much and I will dedicate more time to my daughters and I will spend less time on social media.


I will try to travel more, There are many beaches in Costa Rica  that I would like to visit,  I am thinking about visiting beaches in Guanascaste First and then Puntarenas and move on from there.


I really want to stop working too much, I would like to  have my own company  and work from home, an online store can help me do that.


I really need to buy a house, I am tired of renting an small apartment. I would like to buy a house near the beach. A car is not  bad idea, I would like to buy  a Toyota Rush. I have to start saving some money though.


My Goals are professional goals, mostly academic goals, I want to learn a new language, Portuguese and English. I am planning to start the university next semester.


Let’s Talk about Plans and Goals

Answer these questions based on the reading

Lesson Plan

If you are interested in learning more about how to teach learners to set goals and plans, make sure to have a look at this  task-based lesson plan 

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