How to Talk about Daily Routines [Simple Past]

Rest- How to Talk about Daily Routines

How to Talk about Daily Routines

Vocabulary to Talk About Daily Routines

To wake upTo do the dishes
To get upTo check facebook/snapchat
To have breakfastTo hang out with friends
To take a showerTo play sports
To go to schoolTo brush my teeth
To take the busTo do the homework
To have lunchTo chat with friends
To study for examsTo go to the pool
To read a bookTo get dressed
To go to bedTo comb
To stay up lateTo clean up the room
To watch tvTo have dinner
To play video gamesTo walk the dog
To listen to musicTo do exercises
To play video gamesTo talk to friends

Time Expressions:

  1. Yesterday
  2. The Day before yesterday
  3. Last night
  4. Last week
  5. Last month
  6. Last vacation
  7. Last time
  8. Two years ago
  9. Three years ago

Pronunciation of Regular Verbs

 arrived Burned
 cleaned Called
 Studied Completed
 Stayed Danced
 watched Decided
 played Decorated
 listened Enjoyed
 checked Ended
 Brushed Finished
 Chatted Fixed
 Walked Helped
 Talked Painted
 Attended Returned
 Asked Trained
 Baked Visited

How to Talk about Daily Routines in the Past

Schema Activation (10 Mins)

  1. Students play hangman with words related to daily routines using key vocabulary such as:
    1. wake up
    2. get up
    3. go running
    4. play soccer

Pre-Task Activities (75 Mins)


  1. Teacher gives a list of the 30 most common daily routines  to each student.
  2. Students make groups of 6
  3. Each student translates a daily routine and write a sentence in the past for each daily routine:
    • to wake up
    • I woke up really late last night
  4. They share their sentences orally


  1.  Students are sent these questions so hey can interview their classmates.
  2. They interview one classmate and they are interviewed by another classmate.


  1. Teacher sends students pictures about different famous people and the schedule they have or had
  2. Students make pairs, one student ask questions and the other student answer the question.
  3. Once students answer the questions, they go to anot classmate to answer question about a different famous person.

Main-Task (30 Mins)

  1. Students make pairs and write ten things that they did last week.
  2. Once students are ready, they go around the classroom asking and trying to guess what the person did by asking questions such as:
    1. did you go to school?
    2. did you do exercises?
    3. did you go running ?
    4. did you go to the beach?


  1.  Students  answer a quiz based on the topic studied in previous lessons.
    1. How to describe abilities
    2. How to describe appearance and personality

How to Talk about Daily Activities – Lesson Plan

Schema Activation (10 Mins)

  1. Student play hangman with some words (Code: hxwgebbfichb)


Task #1 (30 Mins)

  1. Students watched a video  that teaches about the pronunciation of ED endings
  2. Students make pairs
  3. Students are asked to categorize the following  regular verbs according to their pronunciation
  4. Student record a sentence using some of the verbs
  5. They sent those audios to their classmates

Task #2  (20 Mins)

  1. Students played a bingo with verbs studied using

Task #3 ( 30 Mins)

  1. Students make sentences using a collage with Daily routines, they make question such as:
    • did you go running?
    • did you do exercises?
  2. Once they finished talking with a partner, they switch with other two or three partners


  1. Student are going to write a detailed schedule about what they did yesterday
  2. Students make pairs and talk about the activities they did


  1. Teacher plays a track about daily activities and students write down as many as they hear

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