Task-Based Lesson: How to Talk about Daily Activities [Past Simple]

Talk about Daily Activities

How to Talk about Daily Activities

Vocabulary to Talk About Daily Activities

Time Expressions:

  1. Yesterday
  2. The Day before yesterday
  3. Last night
  4. Last week
  5. Last month
  6. Last vacation
  7. Last time
  8. Two years ago
  9. Three years ago

Pronunciation of Regular Verbs

  1. arrived
  2. cleaned
  3. Studied
  4. Stayed
  5. watched
  6. played
  7. listened
  8. checked
  9. Brushed
  10. Chatted
  11. Walked
  12. Talked
  13. Attended
  14. Asked
  15. Baked
  1. Burned
  2. Called
  3. Completed
  4. Danced
  5. Decided
  6. Decorated
  7. Enjoyed
  8. Ended
  9. Finished
  10. Fixed
  11. Helped
  12. Painted
  13. Returned
  14. Trained
  15. Visited
  16. Caught
  17. Drove
  18. Drank

Words for the Bingo

How to Talk about Daily Activities – Lesson Plan

Schema Activation (10 Mins)

  1. Student play hangman with some words (Code: hxwgebbfichb)


Task #1 (30 Mins)

  1. Students watched a video  that teaches about the pronunciation of ED endings
  2. Students make pairs
  3. Students are asked to categorize the following  regular verbs according to their pronunciation
  4. Student record a sentence using some of the verbs
  5. They sent those audios to their classmates

Task #2  (20 Mins)

  1. Students played a bingo with verbs studied using myfreebingocards.com

Task #3 ( 30 Mins)

  1. Students make sentences using a collage with Daily routines, they make question such as:
    • did you go running?
    • did you do exercises?
  2. Once they finished talking with a partner, they switch with other two or three partners


  1. Student are going to write a detailed schedule about what they did yesterday
  2. Students make pairs and talk about the activities they did


  1. Teacher plays a track about daily activities and students write down as many as they hear

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