Course Books: Touchstone

Touchstone 1 - Scope and Sequence All about you In class Favorite People Every day Life Free time Neighborhoods Out and About Shopping A  Wide World Busy Lives Looking Back Fabulous Food Touchstone 2  - Scope and Sequence Making Friends Interests Health Celebrations Growing Up Around Town Going Away At Home Things Happen Communication Appearances Looking … Continue reading Course Books: Touchstone


Lesson Plans: Booking by Phone

CONTENTS AND LANGUAGE May I help you? What can I do for you? I’d like to book two seats for the theatre. I want to book a table for two. How much is _____? I need a single/ double room. What’s your name? What’s your credit card number? How long are you planning to stay? … Continue reading Lesson Plans: Booking by Phone

Lesson Plans: Safety at Work

Contents and Language Please don’t touch this It’s a good idea to/ not to do it. You should wear a helmet, gloves, an apron, some goggles, and others. In case of fire, use the extinguisher. Break the glass, lift the lever, push the red button, and pull this handle. Do not open, risk of electric … Continue reading Lesson Plans: Safety at Work