Teaching Reading: Likes and Dislikes

Hello, mates! My name’s John and I’m 15 years old. I am from London, the capital city of the UK. Today I’m writing about the things I like or don’t like. It isn’t easy because there are too many things to talk about. That’s why I have to concentrate my opinions on two or three topics. To … Continue reading Teaching Reading: Likes and Dislikes


Lesson Plan: Making Invitations

Warm-up Teacher starts the class by  telling students to make two groups and make a circle. Students think about a question and they ask that question to member of the group and the member has to refuse or accept the invitations. Students play chinese whispers by using some of the questions taught in previous classes. … Continue reading Lesson Plan: Making Invitations

Course Books: Touchstone

Touchstone 1 - Scope and Sequence All about you In class Favorite People Every day Life Free time Neighborhoods Out and About Shopping A  Wide World Busy Lives Looking Back Fabulous Food Touchstone 2  - Scope and Sequence Making Friends Interests Health Celebrations Growing Up Around Town Going Away At Home Things Happen Communication Appearances Looking … Continue reading Course Books: Touchstone

Lesson Plans: Booking by Phone

CONTENTS AND LANGUAGE May I help you? What can I do for you? I’d like to book two seats for the theatre. I want to book a table for two. How much is _____? I need a single/ double room. What’s your name? What’s your credit card number? How long are you planning to stay? … Continue reading Lesson Plans: Booking by Phone

Lesson Plans: Safety at Work

Contents and Language Please don’t touch this It’s a good idea to/ not to do it. You should wear a helmet, gloves, an apron, some goggles, and others. In case of fire, use the extinguisher. Break the glass, lift the lever, push the red button, and pull this handle. Do not open, risk of electric … Continue reading Lesson Plans: Safety at Work

Lesson Plans: Describe Travel Plans and Tourism

Contents and Language It’s a beautiful beach, the Hotel has an incredible view, the Natural Reserve, and National Park is located in Guanacaste. It offers free transportation, Jacuzzi, hot water, TV. Cable. There are single, double rooms. Some attractions are white sand, clear water and others. Some activities to do are Canopy, Rappelling, rafting. I … Continue reading Lesson Plans: Describe Travel Plans and Tourism

Lesson Plans: Ask for and Offer Good and Services

Contents and Language Goods and services  Places to shop: Mall,Supermarket.  I need Plumbing service,Mailing, and others.  There ¡s a car Rental, and others.  I need a doctor, a lawyer, etc   Can, Could, May I help you?  I don’t like how this works, I like an overhaul.  Where can I get some medicine? How much is…? It is worth… … Continue reading Lesson Plans: Ask for and Offer Good and Services

Lesson Plans: Ask for and Give Help in an Emergency

Contents and Language I have Asthma He’s got a  cold My leg aches. I got a broken arm It’s a good idea to take cough syrup apply some alcohol Take a  pill and laxatives Parts of the body: liver, kidney  What’s the matter? I have a. / I got a … Procedures: first, then, finally…Should / shouldn’t/ must.-It’s important … Continue reading Lesson Plans: Ask for and Give Help in an Emergency