Principle of Language Assessment: Reliability, Validity and Practicality

Reliability, Validity and Practicality


Top 5 Teaching Styles

According to Jack C Richards, 'the particular configuration of strategies a teacher uses constitutes his or her "teaching style"'. Our teaching style is also influenced by our previous learning experiences and styles. For instance, a teacher who learned well from authoritarian teachers at school may consciously or unconsciously copy this style. A teacher who has … Continue reading Top 5 Teaching Styles

14 Essential Characteristics of a Good Language Learner

How to be a more successful language learner.

The Best Resources to Pass the TOEIC® Listening and Reading Test


Free online tools to get you ready for the TOEIC

Tips for the Most Effective Classroom Seating Arrangement

Research shows that learners enjoy being in classes where the teacher has good classroom management skills. Why ? Because they feel more secure. I would like to share some choices you have for managing the learning environment and when and why we might use them. Then you'll face classes like a pro. Here are some possible classroom seating arrangements.

Why Aims are Important

Basically, aims 1. provide a focus for your lesson 2. keep you on track 3. allow you, at the end of the lesson, to evaluate whether or not you've accomplished what you set out to do

Brown’s 12 Principles of Language Learning

Brown's 12 Principles of Language Learning