Syllabus Design: Rubric for Project


Aspects to take into account

1.      The Syllabus includes basic information such as course name, number , meeting time and place 5
2.      The syllabus includes a short description for  the course 10
3.      The syllabus include general and specific objectives. 10
4.      The syllabus includes the contents for the course. 10
5.      The syllabus includes the methodology used to teach the course. 10
6.      The syllabus includes the learning strategies that will be used. 10
7.      The syllabus includes the evaluation 10
8.      The syllabus includes a chronogram that indicates when the topic will be taught and when the evaluation will be carried out. 10
9.      The syllabus states the class policies. 10
10.   The syllabus includes the resources that can be used by the learners 5
11.  The syllabus includes the Bibliography 5
12.  The syllabus includes a section called other useful information for detalils that are not covered above. 5
 Total Points 100


Aspects to take into account

Written Report
1.      What criteria did you use to determine the course contents? 10
2.      Why is the methodology given the most suitable for the course that you designed? 10
3.      Why is the evaluation given the suitable for the course that you designed? 10
4.      What criteria do you use to arrange the content of your course? 10
5.      Why are those books recommended in the bibliography? 10
6.      Is the students capable of achieving the objectives by following the guidelines given in the syllabus? Justify 10
7.      What characteristic / skills and abilities are required from a teacher for the course that you design? 10
8.      Provide a summary of how a  class using your syllabus would be carried out 10
9.      What are the major take aways that you got from creating this syllabus 10
10.   How would you make sure that the course that you created is successful 10
Total Points 100

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