Grammar Lessons: Simple Present

Grammar Lessons: Simple Present

Simple Present

We use the simple present tense to:

  1. Express Habits:  I drink every weeked 
  2. Speak about unchanging Situations: I work in Costa Rica
  3. Talk about general Truths: San Jose is the Capital of Costa Rica
  4. Express Arrangements: The exam starts at 9

Affirmative and Negative Statements

Positive StatementsNegative Statement
have a lot of moneyI don’t have any money
You love readingYou don’t love reading
He loves playing chessHe doesn’t love playing chess
She plays soccerShe doesn’t play soccer
We make foodWe don’t make food
They watch moviesThey don’t watch movies

Third Person Singular

Verbs ending in ‘ss’ ‘ch’ ‘sh’ or ‘x’ add ‘es‘ to the end of the verb:

Verb EndingVerb Third Person Singular
SSKissShe kisses me 
CHWatchShe watches TV
xFaxHe Faxes documents

In the present tense, regular verbs are conjugated by adding an s in the third person singular

Verb Third Person Singular
danceShe always dances with me
cleanHe always cleans his room
payShe always pays her rent

Present Simple Questions

To make questions, pay attention to this patters:

Do / Does + Pronoun / Subject + Verb+ predicate ?

Affirmative SntenceQuestions
I run every dayDo I run every day?
You work from homeDo you work from home?
She plays socccerDoes she play soccer?
He makes dinnerDoes he make dinner?
It works all the timeDoes it work all the time?
They sleep in the couchDo they sleep in the couch?
We owe them moneyDo we owe them money?

Simple Present and WH-Questions

To make simple present questions with WH-questions, pay attention to this patters:

Wh- Question + Do / Does + Pronoun / Subject + Verb+ predicate ?

WhereWhere do you play soccer?
WhyWhy do you react like that?
WhatWhat does she know about it?
WhenWhen do you need that?
HowHow do you run this business?
Which oneWhich one does she prefer?

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  4. Grammar Worksheet – Macmillan Inspiration
  5. MacMillan Inspiration
  6. Grammar Section: Present Tenses – Cambridge University Press

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