Shopping for Clothes

Shopping for Clothes

Shopping for Clothes


W:We are having a summer _________________. Everything is 50% off the normal price.

M:Really? Everything?

W:Yes. Everything is on sale, including _____________________, _______________, and __________________. All the summer ____________________are on sale, too.

M:I do need some new _____________________. I lost mine when I went to the beach this summer. Oh, these are really nice. What is the _________________ of these? There is no price tag on them.

W:Well, sir, there’s no price tag on those sunglasses because they are mine!

M:Really? I would like to get a _______________ of sunglasses just like these. Where did you get them?

W:Actually, I got them for $15 at Super ___________________________.

M:There is a Super Glasses store in this mall, isn’t there?

W:Yes, but let me show you the __________________________ we have on sale.

M:No, thanks. I think I’ll just go to Super Glasses!

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