Listening Exercises: Save the Turtles

M: Have you heard about the plan to save ____________in Mexico?
W: No. What is the_________________?
M: Turtles are in ______________ of becoming extinct around the world. Every year, thousands of turtles lay _______ on the beach. After the turtles lay their eggs in the __________, people come along and take them.
W: I suppose the people like eating turtle eggs.
M: Exactly. Turtles are beginning to stay away from certain __________, now. There are fewer and fewer of them left. There is a new ____________ in Mexico to save these eggs. Then turtles will not become extinct. I think it’s a very good ________________.
W: Is there anything we can do to help?
M: I’m going to call the Environmental Protection hotline. They might have some information about the project to help save turtles in Mexico.
W: They might even have a ____________. Let’s find the website on my computer. Oh, here it is. The address is There’s plenty of information here.
M: Great! Let’s see what we can do to help save turtles in Mexico.


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