Reading about Professionalism

Reading about Professionalism

Dialogue about Professionalism

AHello, Welcome to Flywheel, My name is Sasha
BHello, My name is Ryan
AWe are looking for professionals in server management
BI have a lot of experience on managing my own servers
AWe are looking for a leader, do you consider yourself a leader?
BI have worked alone these past three years
AAre you good at providing customer support?
BI am a really patient person and confident in my skills
AHow well do you do under stressing situations?
BI am really good at solving problems , I can handle situations very well
ACan you work in teams?
BI can share what I know with others and I am open to learning new thing at Flywheel
AAre you organized?
B I don’t think so but I will do my best sinceI really wanna work here
AThanks for coming, I´ll be in touch
BThanks for your time


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