Reacting to News in English


In this lesson you will find ways to react to good news and bad news in English.

You will also find lots and lots of example of good and bad news in case you want to use them in your conversations.

AMy uncle died yesterday
BI am so sorry to hear that

Now let’s check all examples of good and bad news and how to react to them.

Examples of Good News in English

These are some example of bad news

  • My uncle died yesterday
  • I had an accident last week 
  • I broke my phone
  • My dog died
  • I lost my cellphone last week.
  • I fell off a horse
  • I couldn’t visit my mom this weekend
  • I missed an important interview
  • I stopped going to the gym
  • I woke up sick today
  • I won the lottery yesterday
  • I will start a new job on Monday
  • I’m going to buy motorcycle next month
  • I crashed my new car
  • I missed my flight to San Francisco
  • I crashed my daddy’s car
  • I lost My favorite ring
  • I got a horrible haircut
  • I failed the exam
  • I spilled coffee on my computer
  • I lost my money on the bus
  • I fell off of the motorcycle.
  • I twisted my ankle.
  • I deleted a very important file
  • My computer is failing
  • I got sick before my vacations.
  • I failed my driving test
  • My dog got lost
  • I got sick after my vaccination
  • I burned myself with the iron
  • I argued with my dad
  • I had covid
  • I lost my lottery ticket
  • I broke the office printer
  • My crush left the country
  • I broke my arm
  • I lost some important documents
  • I am sick with coronavirus
  • I cut my finger
  • I broke my favorite blouse
  • I I fell off my bike
  • I lost my mom’s earrings
  • I didn’t pass the math test
  • My crush hates me
  • My Flight was canceled

Examples of Good News in English

These are examples of good news

  • I am going to visit Brazil 
  • I’m going to start a new major
  • I’m going to buy a new car
  • I’m going to visit my grandmother
  • I got an “A” in my exam 
  • I got a new job
  • I’m going to buy my own house
  • I found a bag with ten thousand dollars
  • I finished my project 
  • I’m going to travel to China in a month
  • I will buy a new mountain bike
  • I am going to a concert.
  • I will buy a car
  • I will graduate from Business Administration.
  • I will have a little niece.
  • I am going to visit Norway.
  • I have a new haircut.
  • I got a new job near home
  • I am going to buy an apartment
  • I will adopt a new pet
  • I am having good grades
  • I am going to work in the new department of the company
  • I will go with my family to visit the main cities of Europe
  • I will have an increase in my salary
  • I am going to take English classes next saturday
  • I’ll go on a cruise along the Italian coast
  • I am going to write a letter
  • I am going to have a coffee with my best friend
  •  am going to live in United States next year
  • I will visit the Eiffel tower( Dana)

Reacting to Good News

These are some expressions helpful to react to good news

That’s wonderful Incredible!   
I’m glad to hear that!Sounds great!    
Great news! Lucky you!   
Congratulations!Oh, how wonderful! 
That sounds like great news!  That sounds exciting! 
That’s goodGood 
That’s fantasticSplendid news
How fantastic!Great 
That’s great!   Brilliant 

Reacting to Bad news

These are some expressions helpful to react to bad news

I can’t believe that!That’s too bad
I’m awfully sorry thatThat sucks
I’m sorry to hear that..That’s Terrible 
I’m sorry to hear such terrible news.That must be awful
I can’t believe it!   I know how you must be feeling. 
Poor you!  Please, accept my deepest sympathy.

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