Pronunciation of the -ED Endings and the Final -S



Teacher introduces the topic by showing a picture that explains how to pronounce -ED endings and -S endings

  1. Pronunciation of – ED endings
  2. Pronunciation of -S endings

After students have learn about the different sounds for the -ED endings, they are given pieces of paper with verbs in the past tense so they can classify them into the three categories.


Pronunciation of -S endings

  1. Students check a list of words and they identify what the last sound is (See worksheet)
  2. Stundents complete two listening exercises (1 & 2). The first one is about identifying the word that has a different “s” pronunciation and the second is about identifying if the “s” was used or not.

Pronunciation of ED Ending 

  1. Students listen to  a recording and they fill in the blanks with the verbs in the past tense then students identify the correct pronunciation of the verbs in the past tense. (See worksheet)
  2. Students read a story  and they write the pronunciation of the ED endings ( see worksheet)
  3. Students listen three recordings ( 1 2 & 3) and they have to work in two exercises, the first one about identifying if the verb was in the present or in the past tense and the second  is about completing sentences using the present or the past form of the verbs ( See worksheet)

Students participate in a kahoot exercise to make sure they remember both rules of pronunciation. ( See Kahoot Exercise)


  1. Three students create a short story in the past using the past tense of the verbs including in the wordle.