Present Continuous Exercises: Collection


The present continuous verb tense indicates that an action or condition is happening now, frequently, and may continue into the future.

The structure to make present continuous sentences:

Verb to BeAre
Verb + IngPlaying
ComplementVideo Games?

Before checking the videos and exercises, make sure to check these examples

Present Continuous: Examples

These are 7 examples of affirmative sentences with the Present Continuous

  • I am listening to a podcast
  • You are collecting Pokemon Cards
  • She is selling programming courses
  • He is fixing his old computer
  • They are recording the event
  • We are taking care of your dogs

These are 7 examples of negative sentences with the Present Continuous

  • I am not studying French
  • You are not working hard enough
  • She is not following the rules
  • He isn’t watching Netflix
  • They aren’t sleeping hours a week
  • We aren’t making any progress

These are 7 examples of closed questions with the Present Continuous

  • Am I doing the presentation today?
  • Are you working today?
  • Is she playing volleyball?
  • Is he flying to London?
  • Are they cooking something delicious?
  • Are we traveling to London?

These are 7 examples of open questions with the Present Continuous

  • When am I leaving?
  • Where are you working?
  • What is she doing?
  • Why is he sleeping?
  • Why are they making lemonade?
  • What are we investing in?

Present Continuous: Video Guides

If you want to learn how to make sentences with the present continuous, you can start by watching any or all of these YouTube videos

Present ProgressiveEllii
Learn Present Continuous TenseShaw English Online
English Tenses: Present ContinuousLearn English with Rebecca

Present Continuous: Exercises

These are exercises that will help you test what you know about affirmative, negative, and interrogative sentences with the present continuous

The first set of exercises comes from Agenda Web:

  1. Present Continuous Forms
  2. Present Continuous – Forms
  3. Present Continuous – Exercise
  4. Present Progressive – Exercise
  5. Present Continuous-Exercise
  6. Negative Forms – Exercise
  7. Interrogative Forms – Exercise
  8. Write the -ing forms
  9. Affirmative Sentences – Write
  10. Positive, Negative, Questions
  11. Positive, Negative, Questions

The Second Set of Exercises comes from Test English.

The third set of exercises from English 4U

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