Grammar Lessons: Prepositions In, At and On

Grammar Lessons: Prepositions In, At and On

Prepositions: In, At and On

The Prepositions In, At and on can be used to indicate place and time.

The following guide explains how to use these three preposition in both instances.

Prepositions of Place: In, At, On

We use

  • At to indicate the exact position in which a noun is located
  • In to indicate that a noun is an inclosed space
  • On to indicate that the noun is on surface

Look at these examples

OnThe Computer is on the Table
OnI put my credit card on the desk
InI live in Costa Rica
InI am gonna stay in a hotel
AtThere is a party at the club house
Atwe saw a soccer game at the stadium

Explanation (Time)

We use  

  • at  when we are talking about a precise time.
  • in  when we are talking about  months , years, centuries and long periods of  time.
  • on  when we are talking about days and exact days.

Look at these examples:

  • I have a meeting at 9am.
  • Lisa went home at lunchtime.
  • It often snows in December.
  • Do you work on Mondays?


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