Prácticas de Inglés para Bachillerato 2020 – Costa Rica

Describir Actividades Pasadas

Practicas de Inglés para Bachillerato 

Topics for the English National Exam

  1. Achievements of Our National Athletes
  2. Costa Rican Art, Music and Crafts
  3. Costa Rican Typical Food
  4. Types of Food
  5. Eating Habits and Behaviors at the Table
  6. Holidays and Celebrations in Costa Rica and in English Speaking Countries
  7. Causes and Effects of Natural Resources Misuse
  8. Tourist Aspects Worldwide
  9.  Tourist Attractions Offered by Costa Rican Communities
  10. Common Illnesses and New Diseases and Epidemics
  11. Our Democratic Tradition
  12. Careers, Jobs and Lifestyles
  13. Science and Technology
  14. Morals and Values
  15. Mass Media and Communication

Where can I practice for the English national test? is one of the best sites to get your students prepared for the National English Exams. The access to the site is free, you just need enter your ID and create a password  and you will have access to exams applied in recent years.  is another great that can get your students prepared for the National English Exam, in this site you can take the last two English Exams and get the results so you know your level or preparedness.

Where Can I Download Exams Applied in Recent Years ?

  1. Prueba de Bachillerato – Setiembre 2017
  2. Prueba de Bachillerato – Noviembre 2014
  3. Prueba de Bachillerato – Setiembre 2015
  4. Prueba Nocturna – 2009
  5. Prueba de Bachillerato
  6. Practica de Inglés – Bachillerato a tu Medida 2018
  7. Practica de Inglés – Bachillerato a tu Medida 2017

Where can I get other exams for Practice

  1. Pruebas Nacionales 
  2. Pruebas Nacionales 
  3. Pruebas Nacionales 
  4. Pruebas Nacionales 
  5. Pruebas Nacionales
  6. Pruebas Nacionales 
  7. Pruebas Nacionales 
  8. Pruebas Nacionales 
  9. Pruebas Nacionales 
  10. Pruebas Nacionales 
  11. Pruebas Nacionales

Where can I get materials for my students to work in class?

  1. Folleto de clase Inglés para Bachillerato (PDF Version)
  2. Folleto de clase Inglés para Bachillerato (Doc Version)

Where can I get  vocabulary to study?

  1. Achievements of our National Athletes