Phonetic Exercises: Write Words

Phonetic Exercises: Write Words

Phonetic Exercises

Pronunciation and Phonetics

Learning Phonetics will help you to improve your English Pronunciation. There are many types of Phonetic Exercises to help you master the phonetic symbols.

Remember that pronunciation is a mental and physical exercise, you have to know the symbols (mental) and you have to learn how to produce them (physical)

Phonetic Exercises

This is one activity that promote critical thinking.


You have to write words that have only the sounds found in the chart.

Consonant  Sounds Vowel  and Diphtong Sounds
 / f / / eɪ /
/ n / / ɪə /
/ θ / / əʊ /
/ s / / e /
/ t / / aɪ /
/ k / / ɔː /
/ p / / aʊ /

Phonetic Exercises – Answer

This is a list of words that I could think of. as you can see, all words only have sounds found in the previous chart.

Cake Know Phone Stay
Caught Line Photo Steak
Coast Neck Pie Step
Coat Night Post Take
Corn No Psych Talk
Count North Rice Tape
Cow Noun Saint Taste
Eight Now Say Taught
Faint Open Sent Thigh
Faith Out Set Think
Fake Own Skate Thorn
Fence Pain Sky Tie
Fight Paint South Tight
Fine Paw Spoke Town
Fount Pen Sport Type
Knight Pet Stain Walk


You can easily create your own to practice, you just have to think about a combination of vowel, consonant and diphthong sounds and you set yourself for a good critical thinking activities.

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