Lessons: Phone Conversations in English

Phone Conversations in English

Phone Conversations in English

This post has some keuy vocabulary and example that will help you have phone conversations in English

Ways to Introduce yourself on the Telephone

These are some ways to introduce yourself when you are having phone conversations in English

  1. This is James.
  2. Hello, James Speaking
  3. Thanks for Calling Marriot Hotels, My name is Maria, How can I help you?
  4. This is Jennifer Smith speaking.
  5. Good morning, Westin Hotels. How may I help you?

How to Ask who is Calling?

  1. Excuse me, who is this?
  2. May I ask who is calling, please?

Asking for Someone

  1. Can I have extension 321? 
  2. I’d like to speak to Elizabeth
  3. Could I speak to James?
  4. Is Jack in the office today?
  5. Is Peter there with you?
  6. Hello, is Laura There?
  7. Can I speak to Francis please?
  8. Could you put me through Mr. Campos?
  9. Can I speak to Someone in Human Resources?

Person Needed is not Available

  1. I am afraid she isn’t in the office at the moment 
  2. She is in a meeting, would you like to call her back later? 
  3. He is away for a  few days , would you like to leave her a message?
  4. I am afraid, he is out of the office this week.
  5. You can contact her on  her mobile, her number is 6785-9832.
  6. She is not here, why don’t you try a again in a couple of hours? 
  7. She is not in her office, she will be back by 4 o’ clock


  1. I’d lieke to speak somebody about… 
  2. Can i have some information about…?

Wrong Number

  1. I am sorry  I must have the wrong number 
  2. Oh, isn’t this Marriot Hotels? 
  3. Sorry to have bothered you 
  4. I’ve got the wrong number 
  5. I am afraid there is nobody with that name here 
  6. I am so sorry, I must have dialed the wrong number

Phone Conversations in English

These are some examples of phone conversations in English

Good morning. Nathan Smith speaking. How can I Help you?
Good morning. This is Mike. I would like to speak to Mr. Brown.
Oh, sorry. Mr. Brown is not here at the moment
Can you tell me when he will be in?
Why don’t you try callling again in a couple of hours?
Alright, I will call again later then. Thank you.
You’re welcome. Bye.

These resources can help when teaching students about to improve their listening skills

  1. English for Telephoning (Student’s Book) : It is the ideal quick course for anyone who needs to make effective telephone calls in a business context . PDF and MP3
  2. English for Telephoning : It is an interactive CD-ROM and Audio, aimed at working professionals with an intermediate level of English  ISO File , Audio Files
  3. Telephoning in English: Telephoning in English is for professionals and trainees in business, commerce and administration who need to be able to receive and make telephone calls. Audio Files – Book
  4. English for customer care: English for Customer Care is part of the EXPRESS SERIES. It is the ideal quick course for customer care professionals who need to communicate effectively with their customers in English, whether in person, over the phone, or in writing. BookAudio CD

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