Grammar Explanations, Exercises and Worksheets: Passive Voice

Passive Voice Explanation


Passive  Voice Examples using  different tenses and modals

Simple Present : A letter is written by Tom
Present Progressive: A letter is being written by Tom
Past Continuous: A letter was being written by Tom
Simple Past : A letter was written by Tom
Present Perfect : A letter has been written by Tom
Past Perfect : A letter had been written by Tom
Future with will : A letter will be written by Tom
Conditional: A letter  would  be written by Tom
Modal Would: A letter would have been written by Tom
Modal Should : A letter should be written by Tom
Modal Can : A letter can be written by Tom
Modal Could: A letter could be written by Tom
Modal Must : A letter must be written by Tom
Modal May: A letter may be written by  Tom
Modal Might: A letter might be written by  Tom

*The words highlighted in red is the difference between the different  tenses and modals

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