How to teach Listening

I  have  been part of  an online  training  about  how  to  teach listening   so  I am going   to  post  internal and external links about the  topic  in this section.

Got  some  interest in having this book?  the link  to   download the book  has  been  uploaded  by a  contributor  so  feel  free   to  use the  following link  while  it still available.

How   to  teach Listening

Posts  related to  teaching  listening

  1. Top down and Bottom up Processing
  2. Types of Listening
  3. Pre-listening Activities
  4. While-listening Activities


  1. Dwight Meets Asian Jim – The Office
  2. Biography: Bruce Lee
  3. Biography: Will Smith
  4. Biography: Beyonce
  5. Biography: Brad Pitt
  6. Biography: Natalie Portman
  7. Biography: Muhammad Ali – Listening Tasks

  1. Sunday at Rocco’s
  2. Eyes  on the Stars
  3. Always a Family
  4. The Icing on the cake

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