Teaching Grammar

Basic Grammar in Use, Second Edition, focuses on the fundamental grammar structures normally taught in basic or introductory courses. Teachers using a main course book in lower-level classes may wish to assign Basic Grammar in Use as a reference guide so that students can look up grammar points that cause them difficulty I believe  that  …

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Teaching Writing

Recommended Book How to teach writing Pre-Writing Who’s Your Audience? While-Writing General APA Guidelines Essays: Division and Classification and Cause and effect Evaluation Plagiarism in the digital age Plagiarism Error Correction

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Teaching Reading

I love learning new  stuff  especially when it  comes   to English Language Learning and  Teaching , I have been studying  more and more  about the  receptive skills reading and listening and  I  would  love  to dedicate  this entire  page  to  reading terms  and stuff related  to it. So  what  do   you usually  read ? and …

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Teaching Children

Teaching  children  is  so much   fun , I have had  the  chance   to  learn   songs  that  I had never  paid attention to  and  understand  more    of  what happens   in the mind  of them ,  the   following  links  have  information which   is  helpful   to  motivate  students   to love  English while they are being entertained. The  site …

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Teaching Vocabulary

I  almost  read  the entire  book ” How  to teach Vocabulary”  a  couple  of   years  ago   as  part  of  my preparation   for     my final  investigation  to  obtain my degree  in English  Teaching ,  there  are  some  pretty  important statements    that  I   could  never  forget  even  if  I want to   so   I hope   to   fill this…

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Teaching Listening

I  have  been part of  an online  training  about  how  to  teach listening   so  I am going   to  post  internal and external links about the  topic  in this section. Got  some  interest in having this book?  the link  to   download the book  has  been  uploaded  by a  contributor  so  feel  free   to  use the …

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