Teaching Writing

Recommended Book How to teach writing Pre-Writing Who’s Your Audience? While-Writing General APA Guidelines Essays: Division and Classification and Cause and effect Evaluation Plagiarism in the digital age Plagiarism Error Correction

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Teaching Vocabulary

I  almost  read  the entire  book ” How  to teach Vocabulary”  a  couple  of   years  ago   as  part  of  my preparation   for     my final  investigation  to  obtain my degree  in English  Teaching ,  there  are  some  pretty  important statements    that  I   could  never  forget  even  if  I want to   so   I hope   to   fill this…

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Teaching Listening

I  have  been part of  an online  training  about  how  to  teach listening   so  I am going   to  post  internal and external links about the  topic  in this section. Got  some  interest in having this book?  the link  to   download the book  has  been  uploaded  by a  contributor  so  feel  free   to  use the …

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Teaching Listening Listening Exercises Teaching Reading Reading Exercises Teaching Writing  Teaching Pronunciation – Consonant Sounds Teaching Pronunciation – Vowel Sounds Teaching Pronunciation – Diphthong Sounds Teaching Vocabulary Teaching Phrasal Verbs Teaching Literature Literary Periods Teaching Drama Good Reads Course Books Around the Web Language Acquistion Language Teaching Methodology Language Assessment Learning and Teaching Teaching Idioms…

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CEFR Grammar Levels: Independent User

CEFR Grammar Levels: Independent User – B1 Adjectives and adverbs Future continuous Future perfect Future perfect continuous Mixed conditionals Modals – can’t have, needn’t have Modals of deduction and speculation Narrative tenses Passives Past perfect Past perfect continuous Phrasal verbs, extended Relative clauses Reported speech Will and going to, for prediction Wish Would expressing habits,…

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Exams for MEP

Diagnostic Exams Diagnostic Exam – 9th Grade Exam Diagnostic Exam – 10th Grade Exam Diagnostic Exam – 11th Grade  Exam 7th Grade Introduction of Oneself to Others and Identification of Oneself to Others Classroom Instructions  and Using the Dictionary Classroom Objects, Clock and Clothing Description of Something, Daily Routines and Prepositions of Place Using the…

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MEP: New Academic English

Unit #1 – Scenario: Here I am! Themes Hello, Hi there, Hey, Bye Building Community  Let´s Get Personal  Meet My Family Unit #2 – Scenario: Enjoying Life Themes My Daily Routine Eating Habits Hanging out Things I Like to Do Unit #3 – Scenario: Getting Back to Nature  Themes Natural Wonders in My Backyard Marvels in Costa Rica A World of Wonders Where can I…

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