Communication Activities: How to Manage a Hotel

 Here is the situation

Bora Bora Hotel

You are the management staff of a large resort hotel. Lately, you have had a lot of problems. You must discuss these problems with the other managers and then come up with solutions.The hotel is on an island surrounded by beautiful mountains. It seems like the perfect place to have a hotel but . . .


  1. Theft: There is a lot of theft at the hotel. Food is being stolen from the kitchen, money from front desk, and sports equipment from the gym.Guests have also complained that somebody stole their belongings.
  2. Guests are bored: Guests have complained that there is nothing fun to do during the day such as sports and that there aren’t activities at night
  3. Complaints about the food: The guests have complained that the food tastes terrible; the food is the same every night and some vegetarians were very angry because every dinner has meat.
  4. There are few guests: Very few people know about the hotel and the guests who do say it is too expensive.
  5. Complaints about the staff: Many guests say that the staff is rude and unhelpful, the staff members argue with each other sometimes and they swear in front of the guests.
  6. Many things are broken: The roof leaks, many TVs in the rooms don’t work, the internet connection is poor and sometimes there is no electricity or hot water.
  7. The hotel is difficult to get to: There are no buses coming from the airport to the hotel and the taxi service from the airport to the hotel is very expensive.